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Teachers, students, businesses and parents all use Kahoot! for group learning, e-learning, distance learning, and self-study everywhere!
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Book Creator is an easy-to-use tool that helps you create fun and engaging online books. They have lots of suggestions for how you can create […]
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Accompany your students on a journey through our vast library of reading comprehension content. ReadTheory’s adaptive approach fosters improvement by automatically meeting learners at their […]
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Online Differentiation Platform for multiple subjects with easily individualized texts for students and detailed reports for teachers.
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Thinkcerca is an award-winning supplemental literacy resource with materials for students in grades 4-12. We provide standards-aligned resources for close reading and writing across the […]
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Kialo Edu is a custom version of Kialo (kialo.com), the world’s largest argument mapping and debate site, specifically designed for classroom use.
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The fastest way to transform presentations into classroom conversations. Imagine if you could engage every student in your class, every day. What if you could […]
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Create beautiful worksheets. Add video, audio, images and a variety of question types, all wrapped in a beautiful, engaging & easy to use app.
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Classroom Secrets is packed full of activities for children to use independently. Each child can have their own individual logons (without the need of an […]
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