Make a garden 0 (0)

Prepare a garden space. Plant vegetable or flower seeds in pots for later transplant. Clean up flower beds for spring. Have a contest to see […]
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Obstacle course 0 (0)

Make obstacle course: in door or outdoor! ,,
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Make musical instruments 0 (0)

Make musical instruments. Look around the house and think about what you can use! Tissue boxes and rubber bands for a guitar? stick and bucket […]
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Make a Treasure Hunt 0 (0)

Parents make clues the first time, but then elementary age children understand how to do it and can make clues for subsequent hunts!
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Sticky Wall 0 (0)

Make a sticky wall with contact paper taped to the wall facing out and let them stick paper cutouts and lightweight objects to it | […]
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Kinedu Baby Development 0 (0)

Kinedu App – Baby Development Plan. Download the app. et personalized playtime activities that support your child’s development. Kinedu offers thousands of age-appropriate activities created […]
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Puppet Show 0 (0)

If your kids are old enough to put on a play or puppet show. Have them find a good story, create a script, make a […]
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